Sunday, 4 December 2011

Holiday Hollow - The Tourist Guide

On the way to Holiday Hollow you find this tourist brochure in the snow... something suggests that it might not be like this when you arrive...

Dear Traveller, thank you for choosing Holiday Hollow, the most festive place on the Frontier!

We pride ourselves on our Cheer, our festive spirit and our internationally famous decorations and ornaments that cover the entire town!

If you think snowy lands are cold then let us convince you otherwise with the warmth of our welcome and our hospitality.

Lets take a look at the sights you can see in Holiday Hollow!

The Giant Magical Tree

Right in the middle of Holiday Hollow is our most famous, and most iconic attraction, the Giant Magic Holiday Tree!

This Tree is bedecked each winter in special ornaments and decorations donated by the inhabitants of Holiday Hollow and Legend says if it's chopped down it can be revived by the feelings of festive happiness around it.

 The Toy Store

Take a trip to the most important building for the children as the Holidays approach. Visit our iconic Toy Shop and enjoy the sight of thousands of colourful handmade toys.

For an extra bit of fun see if you can correctly count the number of nose prints on the window from children gazing at the toys they want this holiday season.

Generally it's believed the more pitiful and needy a child looks, the more likely it is their parents will get the message...

The Sweet Shop

When you've tired of toys, or your children have expended their pocket money for the next 6 months, why not get yourself back up to speed for more sightseeing in our world famous Sweet Shop?

Famous for such items as the foot wide gobstopper, Gum-Flavoured Gum and the revolutionary Chocolate Coated Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cookie with Chocolate Centre the sweet shop and it's lovable owner Harrison, is the place to go for sugar based snacking.

The Holiday Hollow Mansion

Home to Lady Edwina of Holiday Hollow and her Nephew, Buck, the Holiday Hollow Mansion is a stately home like no other.

Backing onto Lady Edwina's Reindeer Ranch the mansion is the centrepoint for many of the Hollow's festive traditions as the grounds are opened up for a carol concert and for a winter fete each year.

Lady Edwina is the heart and soul of Holiday Hollow's Festivities and nobody dares to think what would happen if she lost that festive feeling.

Nettie's Bakery

Not quite full of sugar enough yet?  Then we've got just the place for you, Nettie's Bakery, where the Countess of Confections puts on her apron each morning and keeps the Town in stocks of biscuits, cakes and pastries.

It's not a morning in Holiday Hollow without the contented noises of a Town resident with a mouthful of Nettie's buns or on the receiving end of one of her magical muffin moments.

The Saloon

Of course, after Nettie's special Gingerbread Surprise and some of Harrisons Sugared Nuts you might find your throat is a little dry and you really need some liquid refreshment.

Well, make your way through town to the welcoming Holiday Hollow Saloon.

Home of the famous Cinnamon Beer the Saloon is the perfect place to take a load of your feet and wet your whistle before getting on with sightseeing in the rest of the town.

The Markets

If you've found yourself with money left over after all the food and drink emporiums (not to mention the Toy Shop...) then take a trip to the merchants area and see what Holiday Hollow has to offer the discerning shopper on the lookout for festive goodies.

The market will sell every foodstuff that the other stores don't specialise in such as fruit, vegetables and savoury items.

If you're finding it hard to move or generally feeling a painful sugar rush try one of the healthier options available, an apple a day keeps our insurance company happy!

On the other hand if you want a memento of your journey stop off inside the market workshop where artisans create all kinds of pointless items you can buy and give to your loved ones upon returning home.

Marvel at keyrings in the shape of snowmen. Gasp at snowglobes containing scale models of Nessie's bakery. See your family's delight at receiving a Yeti stuffed toy or even an "I went To Holiday Hollow and all I got was this hat" Santa hat!

We know it's not about how cheap the gifts are but instead... OK, it's how cheap.

The Clock Tower

The tallest building in Holiday Hollow, the Clock Tower is a work of old art. Always accurate to the second the clock keeps everyone in Holiday Hollow on time for their jobs and their lives.

Nothing ruins a festive time like being late with the presents so the Clock Tower is always there, always right and always keeping every Holiday Hollow resident on their toes.

The School

Holiday Hollow Elementary is known for it's great teaching, attentive pupils and, above all, unique curriculum.

Lady Edwina decided early on that the children were better off learning useful festive practices such as snow slinging and hall decking instead of boring subjects such as Science or Maths.

Each day the Children are taught the important things that will stand them in good stead in everyday life in Holiday Hollow, from the right amount of gumdrop buttons on a gingerbread man to where on the snowman the carrot should go as to not shock Lady Edwina.

The Gazebo

The Gazebo is a small and simple structure but worth visiting for both its importance and it's architectural beauty, it's snowball finial is worth the trip by itself.

An all wood construction it's bedecked in festive decorations and surrounded by perfectly cared for holly bushes that are trimmed annually and used around the town for decoration. The Gazebo is then used as a central area for many of the towns festive celebrations from carolling to the award ceremony for the best Snow Sculpture.


There's nothing quite like the sight of Holiday Hollow in the Winter time. The whole town lights up and that includes the houses. Every resident of the Hollow goes out of their way to make their house the most festive it can be in a little friendly competition with their neighbours.

The culture of Holiday Hollow means that you're sure of a warm welcome in all the houses in the town as everyone is just generous and caring by nature. Don't be surprised to walk past a house and hear a voice calling to you offering an egg nog, a hot chocolate or a mince pie.

All in all, Holiday Hollow is the perfect place for a festive trip in Winter time, you're sure of the nicest, most happy and welcoming visit to anywhere you've ever had.

[This is not indicative of game features, the Holiday Hollow you find is a changed place...]