Sunday, 4 December 2011

Your Crew

Much like the Pioneer Trail and Ghost Town you'll have three companions on this trip, a Tree Trimmer, a Snow Slinger and a Hall Decker.

At first these will be filled by Bess, Hank and, surprisingly, Flintlock (It appears highly dangerous and top secret missions include 6 weeks paid holiday...)

Of course, you don't want THAT... you want to dress your own buddies up in extremely dodgy wonderfully festive outfits and home knitted jumpers. So as usual click to manage your crew and you can hire people to do any of the jobs.

Just with Ghost Town each position will have certain jobs it does to make things appear, Pine, Gears and Decor. All those things will be mission and crafting requirements...

As with Ghost Town you wont have to pick the right character, they'll each automatically do their designated tasks when clicked.

So what you waiting for? Get out there and make your friends do all the work get the team together!